Alyssa Proctor

Born in Etobicoke, ON

Lives & works in Halifax, NS


Alyssa is an emerging painter based out of Halifax, NS. After graduating with a BFA in painting and sculpture in 2014, Alyssa moved to Halifax and continued exploring her creativity on her own. Since then, she has developed her style more, creating vibrant paintings of natural and oceanic scenes, as well as continuing her studies of bones and the human form. Alyssa also designs tattoos for friends and strangers alike, helping them put their ideas on paper before presenting them to tattoists to ink.  Alyssa is very interested in tattoo art and culture, resulting in tattoo imagery frequently showing up in her art. 

For any commissions or prices on work, please contact the artist.



2010-2014 - Mount Allison University (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

2006-2010 - Etobicoke School of the Arts (High School Diploma)


Exhibitions & Competitions

April 2018 : Art Battle 664, Halifax, NS (Finalist)

October 2017: Nocturne Art Festival, Halifax, NS

September 2017: Afterglow Art Festival, Bridgewater, NS

March 2017: Art Battle 499 All Stars, Halifax, NS

June 2016: Art Battle Halifax Finals, Halifax, NS

May 2016: Art Battle 392, Halifax, NS

December 2015: Art Battle 336 (Finalist), Halifax NS

April 2015: The Street Talk Project, Whippersnapper Gallery/Kensington Market, Toronto ON

April 2015: Art Battle 255 (Finalist), Halifax NS

December 2014: Art Battle 197, Halifax NS

April-June 2014: BFA Graduate Exhibition, Owen's Art Gallery, Sackville NB
April 2013: 1+1+1, Struts Gallery, Sackville NB

March 2013: Comfort/Discomfort, Black Duck Inn, Sackville NB
February 2013: The Sweetest Little Thing, Owen's Art Gallery, Sackville NB

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