Mixed Media

This page features sculpture, art made on unconventional/found materials, or art that combines methods or materials
All images marked with an asterisk (*) are available for sale- please contact the artist for details.

Best Buds
Rose Coloured Boy*
Bees Please *
Anchor *
Swallow *
Rose *
Seahorse *
Shark Siren *
Tentacle Puzzle Coasters
Mountain Portal (Dusk) *
Mountain Portal (Night) *
Mountain Portal (Day)
Mountain Portals
Character Coasters (back)
Character Coasters (front)
Lunar Luna
Shell Phone
Apollo-gies for My Impatiens
Welcome to the Space Ram
Sisterhood Watch
Embedded Permanence
Embedded Permanence (upper L detail)
Embedded Permanence (upper R detail)
Embedded Permanence (bone detail)
Embedded Permanence (swallow detail)
Embedded Permanence (rose detail)
Jellyfish Skull
There's A Home In My Bucket
Onondaga Canoe

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Sisterhood Watch

2015, metal street sign *This piece was created for a collaborative project called "The Street Talk Project", a public art intervention and gallery exhibition that addressed how women navigate the city, and the socialized sexism that governs bodies on a day-to-day basis.

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