Any painting with an asterisk (*) is available for sale. Please refer to the pricing page for more information, or contact the artist for price negotiations.

Girl, Your Hair
*Quit Being Creepy And Just Say Hi
*Purple Merbabe
*Pink Merbabe
*Green Merbabe
If Your Mother Knew About This
If Your Mother Knew About This
Galaxy Gorge (DMB)
Galaxy Mic
And Then There Were Some Sharks
*Birches (Purple Green and Yellow)
Tank Rays
*Tentacles (Blue)
*Lemonade Birches
Blue Sting
Sailing For Adventure (TASMCAARMEV)
Skellatinous Gelatinous (Green)
Skellatinous Gelatinous (Yellow)
Skellatinous Gelatinous (Pink)
Self Portrait
Tentacles (pink)
Campfire (Embers)
Campfire (Algonquin)
Prismatic Glaciers
Jen's Slippers

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