Year of Sharks Project

After following with and being inspired by Michelle Fleur's 200 Whales Project, I have embarked on my own version: the Year of Sharks Project. Tasking myself with creating 365 individual paintings of different shark species, while highlighting interesting facts and bringing attention to the dangers of extinction many of them face, I hope to educate about and reduce the stigma around these incredible creatures.  Sharks are the apex predators of the oceans, making them a vital component to every oceanic ecosystem- if they are taken out of their habitats, the whole area will flounder. Prints of my paintings will be available through my Etsy shop (PecheInk) as the project continues, and the paintings themselves will be available for purchase at the end of this project. Upon completion, 50% of all proceeds from this project will be donated to the Bali Sharks Research Center, the world's first shark rescue nursery.

31/365 Atlantic Sharpnose Shark
30/365 Whitecheek Shark
29/365 Zebra Bullhead Shark
28/365 Grey Reef Shark
27/265 Grey Nurse Shark
26/365 Sand Tiger Shark
25/365 Winghead Shark
24/365 Spinner Shark
23/365 Bluntnose Sixgill Shark
22/365 Silvertip Shark
21/365 Copper Shark
20/365 Goblin Shark
19/365 Port Jackson Shark
18/365 Basking Shark
17/365 Shortfin Mako Shark
16/365 Bull Shark
15/365 Whale Shark
14/365 Great White Shark
13/365 Sandbar Shark
12/365 Leafscale Gulper Shark
11/365 Great Hammerhead Shark
10/365 Tiger Shark
8/365 Lemon Shark
7/365 Angel Shark
6/365 Silky Shark
5/365 Zebra Shark
4/365 Blue Shark
3/365 Scalloped Hammerhead
2/365 Pelagic Thresher Shark
1/365 Blacktip Reef Shark